Goodbye AussieWeb. Hello SSW.

After more then 13 years, I have made the decision to move on from my Software Engineering role with Monte Huebsch and team at AussieWeb and take on a Senior Software Architect position with Adam Cogan and his team at SSW.

Goodbye AussieWeb

AussieWeb has been my home for more then a decade. When I started, AussieWeb was a small business, with only 4 permanent part-time employees; .Net was still in it’s early releases (1.0 and 1.1), and the main business was Website Development & Hosting (partnered with Lloyd Ernst’s WebCentral).

Today: AussieWeb employees 10 full time staff on generous salary & benefits packages; while the business itself has transformed from a Website Development & Hosting provider to one of the leading Google AdWords Partners in the Asia-Pacific Region. The core technology stack as I am leaving it, is .Net 4.5.1, SQL Server 2008R2 (and SQL 2014SP1), Entity Framework Code First, and ASP.NET MVC 5.

My time at AussieWeb has allowed me to do things that I would never have been able to do if I had taken the normal corporate developer route. I was able to live in different cities & countries, work remotely during a period in time where the idea of “remote” workers was still a new, untested and fraught with dangers and generally follow the path I decided was the most appropriate at the time. Ultimately I had complete flexibility as to when and where I worked; the technology stacks, platforms and devices I worked on/from. It was a dream job, with a steady paycheck. All the benefits of the “Nomadic Entrepreneur”/”Tropical MBA” lifestyle, without the responsibility of having to worry about meeting costs and payroll.

Though ultimately family life has caught up.

Hello SSW

I was introduced to SSW through the Brisbane .Net User Group, to be frank, I was impressed by the level of knowledge displayed by their Brisbane staff. SSW at this point feels like an environment where I can continue to grow my craft and expand my knowledge.

Though my official start date with SSW is July 1st 2015, I have been working with the Brisbane Team in a part time capacity since June 1st 2015. This has allowed me to ease myself into SSW’s work-flow and methodologies, though not without some level of pain. It’s not always easy to move from having complete freedom to following the rules

To date: I have pushed changes to the SSW Website, SugarLearning and have started working with Brisbane Catholic Education on one of their internal Information Systems.

So a final Goodbye to my coworkers of 13+ years and AussieWeb, and hello to all of the team at SSW.

About Jeremy

Jeremy is a Father of 3, Husband, overly opinionated Software Engineer, DevOps Practitioner, Baseball Coach and Professional Trouble Maker.

Jeremy is currently the Chief Trouble Maker at Lüp where he oversees engineering.
You can find him on Twitter and GitHub.