2016: A New Year, and a New Role.

In July of 2015, I made my first real organizational change in 13 years. Moving from the safety and security of what was an extremely cushy Software Engineering role with AussieWeb into a more formal consulting role with SSW. After six months of consulting, I have decided, with some consistent prodding from my family that the consulting was not for me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that SSW isn’t a great place to work; it is (and they are always hiring), it’s more that I wasn’t enjoying developing enterprise applications. I was starting to feel the itch to be back developing productized services and SaaS applications at scale. Rather than being constrained by corporate technology choices and the ever present “billable by the hour” world of consulting.

Luckily for me; one of the staples of the Brisbane tech-community, Joshua Wulf, all round nice guy and Legendary Recruiter with Just Digital People had some inside knowledge of a Brisbane based organization that not only had a need for someone with my skillsets, but was also family friendly. Suffice to say I did not hesitate when Josh mentioned that the two founders Neeshil Pabari & Joe Antonini would like to meet.

Hello Lüp

When I arrived at the Lüp (pronounced Loop) office, it immediately felt familiar, very similar to what I had previously been accustomed too at AussieWeb. My initial meeting with both Neeshil and Joe immediately answered any question as to whether or not Lup would have the type of high performance culture that I was looking for.

Lüp itself is an interesting organization; one that has a distributed team, and provides a unique solution to the problems faced by exhibitors at large scale events. Though what caught my attention was the mixed technology stack, the need to scale quickly when needed, and the opportunity to work on some challenging big data and optimization problems.

I don’t think it is a stretch to say that I am looking forward to the new challenge.

About Jeremy

Jeremy is a Father of 3, Husband, overly opinionated Software Engineer and Professional Trouble Maker.

Jeremy is currently a Cephalopod at Octopus Deploy.
You can find him on Twitter and GitHub.